THOR – God Of Thunder

The amazingly stunning Thor movie will be released on the 6th of May of 2011. This human-god hybrid portrayed by Chris Hemsworth, is a powerful and arrogant warrior. He is cast out of the magical realm of Asgard and sent to Earth, to live amongst humans. I look forward to seeing this film in 3D Imax. I look forward to feeling that I am one with this Demigod! YAYYY!!!!!

Victoria Vives


The new Red Sonja film is expected to be in theaters soon, with leading actress Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez as one of its producers.  The film was supposed to be completed before this year, however, Conan The Barbarian will finally be released before Red Sonja.  There were rumors about a Conan – Red Sonja cameo, but it seems that they were just that, rumors. It would be cool though!

Victoria Vives

CONAN The Barbarian 2011

The tale of Conan the Cimmerian and his adventures across the continent of Hyboria are soon to be back in theaters this Summer. This time in 3D! Jason Momoa will give life to Conan, the most amazing warrior of all time. In fact, my first reason for becoming a warrior myself.

Victoria Vives


“Since her childhood Victoria has had a strong interest in the worlds of fantasy and imagination. Conan was one of her major icons in the action film history. She wished to run throughout the World finding new adventures… and so she did.” by Esteban Villarreal

XENA – The Warrior Princess

Xena, a mighty warrior, once led a band of outlaws that terrorized all of Greece… Being that this site is about Vixens and Warriors, she well deserves to be featured as the most known female fantasy warrior.

I should get an outfit like one of these…

Victoria Vives